Why should you take the 60 minute initial lesson first?

The initial 60 minute lesson

  • Set your golfing goals and objectives for the next month, six months and year ahead
  • Performance analysis to find the quickest and easiest route to achieving your goals
  • Get clear on exactly what you need to do to improve with a tailor made plan that takes in to account your time and commitment to golf
  • The session will take place in the Studio, outside on the grass or on the short game zone depending upon what we decide is best for you

"I've had lessons from other instructors in the past but the lesson with Kris was far more professional and is a long term fix for a problem that in previous lessons was just masked over. Will be booking another lesson this week or next and would recommend Kris to anyone who was looking for a lesson."
Joe Lang

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If you would prefer to book over the phone please call us on 01346 510693

"I really enjoyed the initial lesson with Kris. I got a coffee on arrival and we chatted about my golfing history as I was hitting a few golf balls. I liked the technology used, as it was it easy to see on the video and images of club at impact, the areas I need to improve on.

"I haven't come away with a head full of improvements but one simple thought, to keep my upper body from moving so much.

"I have also received a video of my swing along with the improvement idea. By the end of the lesson, the striking had improved and balls were flying up the intended line.

"After 5 years away, I am glad I undertook the initial lesson first and I would choose Kris to come to for more lessons."

Norman Beattie

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60 min initial lesson
4 x 30 minute lessons


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60 min initial lesson
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